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We support our dealer network with branding and printing services. Whether you are looking for a complete re-brand or just a freshen up, we can help!

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Search engine optimization help for your website, promotional video editing, email marketing campaigns. All services are available to our dealer network, helping you keep ahead of the competition.

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BAA have a large network of dealers across the UK who are committed to the same values as us. Our aim is to resolve problems quickly, without fuss and to deliver the very best customer service in the industry. Talk to our team today to see if we have an ‘approved’ dealer in your area…

Call our friendly team as soon as you identify a problem. We will advise you of what to do and how to go about it. 98% of claims that we recieve are approved within an hour. It’s our absolute priority to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

You can get your vehicle repaired at any VAT registered garage in the UK. As long as you notify us first of any problems you identify. We are here to make sure everything runs smoothly for you.

Any components listed* that fail within the agreed term that is not as a result of wear, neglect or abuse will be covered by our scheme. We work closely with our dealer network to ensure you statuary rights are protected. *Extended terms available subject to an additional premium.

That’s what we are here for! To take the hard work out of buying a used car. If you identify a problem with your car we will be there to help you get it resolved quickly and without fuss. Our expert team can provide advice and ensure all parties resolve any issues properly.

The BRITISH AUTOMOTIVE ALLIANCE offer support and advice when buying vehicles in the UK. Contact us

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