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Tailored Car Dealer Warranty Products

BAA is designed to offer your dealership the best warranty solutions available, in order to allow your business to flourish. Our unique warranty products will maximize your profit whilst maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. If you are tired of the same, antiquated approach to managing risk, then enquire about becoming a BAA partner. 

Platinum PLUS - Self Funded

Take full control of your repair costs with our single cover for any vehicle (pot scheme). We’ll manage the administration, freeing you up to sell more cars.

OPTIMUM Warranty plan

Traditional warranty product in association with Warranty Assist. Our unique collaboration means we are able to a ‘Vehicle Value’ claim limit as standard. 

EV Specific Warranty Plans

Our carefully designed EV warranty cover is available to dealerships which require it. This product can be used through our self-funded program and traditional warranty scheme.

Why use a self-fund administrator?

1. Control: By using a self-funding warranty administrator, the dealer has more control over the terms and coverage of the warranty they offer. They can customize the warranty to meet the needs of their customers and adjust it as needed to stay competitive in the market.

2. Profitability: A self-funding warranty or pot scheme can be more profitable for a dealer than outsourcing the warranty to a third-party provider. Since the dealer is financing the warranty themselves, they can earn more revenue from it and keep more of the profits.

3. Reputation: Offering a warranty on their used cars can help the dealer build a positive reputation in the industry and among customers. A self-funded warranty can show that the dealer is committed to customer satisfaction and stands behind the quality of their vehicles.

4. Customer Loyalty: A warranty can help build customer loyalty and encourage repeat business. If a customer has a positive experience with a warranty from a dealer, they may be more likely to return for future purchases or recommend the dealer to others.

5. Compliance: A self-funding warranty administrator can help ensure that the dealer is in compliance with state and federal regulations governing warranties. Working with a warranty administration company, the dealer can have more confidence over the process and procedures to ensure that they are meeting all legal requirements.

Overall, a self-funding warranty administrator can provide a used car dealer with more control, profitability, reputation, customer loyalty, and compliance when offering warranties on their vehicles.

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BAA Breakdown Assist

BAA Breakdown Assist is designed with the car dealer in mind. Home Assist, Roadside Assist and National Recovery are included. 

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Now ‘LIVE’ with £0.00 FEE for BAA dealers.

Warranty products and services

BAA has a warranty solution for nearly every automotive denomination. Our advanced portal is tailored and designed around your business.


Car warranty

vans <3.5 Tons

Van warranty


Motorhome warranty


Motorbike warranty


Caravan warranty


EV warranty

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Automotive Marketing
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If you are looking to keep ahead of your competition in this ever evolving, digital age we have a team of professionals analyzing market data everyday. We don’t just talk about a partnership, we act upon it. 

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Top 5 questions about BAA warranty

  • We will tailor a warranty solution which works for your dealership
  • We can take the stress out of claim handling.
  • Furthermore, we have a proven track record of saving motor traders thousands of pounds.
  • Your designated Area Manager will negotiate repair costs on your behalf.
  • Our services Free you up, so you can sell more cars

We keep our prices low so that you can maximize your profit, and there’s no minimum term contract to commit to. Contact us for an information pack which includes individual prices for all the services and products we offer.

Our portal is market leading and allows you to quickly register policies, claims, breakdown and print certificates.

It’s completely mobile friendly and will even help you to predict risk.

Apart from our award-winning call centre and market leading portal, we also offer:

  • Self-funded warranty administration
  • Premium breakdown cover
  • Extended warranty products
  • Professionally designed brochures, certificates and posters.
  • Discounted website design
  • FREE marketing support
  • Claims data management

Yes, there are multiple solutions we can provide to allow your customers to extend or upgrade a warranty. Contact us today to find out which solutions work for your dealership.

How BAA can help you..

Customer benefits..

CAR Dealer benefits..

Frequently asked questions?

BAA have a large network of dealers across the UK who are committed to the same values as us. Our aim is to resolve problems quickly, without fuss and to deliver the very best customer service in the industry. Talk to our team today to see if we have an ‘approved’ dealer in your area…

Call our friendly team as soon as you identify a problem. We will advise you of what to do and how to go about it. 98% of claims that we recieve are approved within an hour. It’s our absolute priority to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

You can get your vehicle repaired at any VAT registered garage in the UK. As long as you notify us first of any problems you identify. We are here to make sure everything runs smoothly for you.

Any components listed* that fail within the agreed term that is not as a result of wear, neglect or abuse will be covered by our scheme. We work closely with our dealer network to ensure you statuary rights are protected. *Extended terms available subject to an additional premium.

That’s what we are here for! To take the hard work out of buying a used car. If you identify a problem with your car we will be there to help you get it resolved quickly and without fuss. Our expert team can provide advice and ensure all parties resolve any issues properly.

The BRITISH AUTOMOTIVE ALLIANCE offer support and advice when buying vehicles in the UK. Contact us

What Our customers say

At last, buying a car is stress free and I don't have to worry. BAA helped me repair the vehicle straight away with zero fuss.
Best vehicle warranty solutions for car dealers UK
Hilary Leigh
If only every 'used car dealer' operated in the same way! My gearbox failed 2 months after I drove away but it was fixed and payed for without any hesitation. Great customer service, thanks again.
Best vehicle warranty solutions for car dealers UK
Hall Read
"It's a breath of fresh air to know I can help sort my customers out instantly without delays or complications. The scheme even helps my business stay profitable!
Best vehicle warranty solutions for car dealers UK
Quintin Angus
Motor dealer
I wish someone had introduced this type of scheme years ago. I'm happy and my customers just keep coming back for more!
Best vehicle warranty solutions for car dealers UK
Jillie Tempest
Motor dealer